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Video quality

Perceived video quality measurement is essential for broadcasters, video equipment manufacturers and content providers who need to monitor broadcasting or to determine optimal parameters (like bitrate) to reach a given quality level. It is also irreplaceable to select the best video equipment (like video encoders or Set-Top Boxes) among different manufacturers or firmwares. At last, it enables R&D to take the good decisions to improve video quality.



AccepTV is a leading provider of perceived video quality measurement technologies.

We propose a unique offer: a full range of perceived video quality metrics for different applications.

We have developed and we offer these types of metrics: You can evaluate our metrics using our software products. Evaluation is free.

Our no-reference video and audio quality metrics can also be easily integrated in third-party applications thanks to our Video Quality Measurement SDK.

And our Transport Stream Monitoring SDK enables third-party software to measure TR 101 290 errors on Transport Streams.

At last we also offer other metrics: synchronization between audio and video (lipsync), VMAF, MSE & PSNR, PSNR-HVS, PSNR-HVS-M, VIF, SSIM and MS-SSIM.



AccepTV commercialises software applications integrating its perceived video quality and audio quality metrics:

At last, we offer:

You can also compare our main products thanks to this table.



AccepTV also offers services related to video and audio quality measurement.

These services consist in consulting (studies) and software engineering.

We also offer a cloud-based solution to monitor OTT services (Over-The-Top): OTT Monitor.

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MPEG Monitor

MPEG Monitor
Monitor several audio video programs, in real time and on the same machine.
- Receive alerts (SNMP, email)
- Save video samples when problems occur
- Monitor remotely
- Compute statistics between two user-defined dates
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