Our solutions to measure video quality and audio quality

Perceived video quality (QoE: Quality of Experience) offline analysis and real time monitoring

Video Quality Monitor is a very convenient tool to measure and monitor the video quality perceived by end-users (also called QoE: Quality of Experience).

Video Quality Analyzer is a very powerful tool to precisely measure and analyze the video quality perceived by end-users (also called QoE: Quality of Experience).

MPEG Monitor is a unique solution to monitor several MPEG-2 and/or H.264 programs in real time on a single machine.

Audio Video Sync & Quality Monitor is a solution to measure and monitor both QoE (audio/video synchronization, audio quality, video quality┬░ and QoS (packets loss, delay, jitter, CPU usage, RAM usage, etc.).

Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and testing

IP QoS Monitor contains QoS probes and a centralization server which enable to monitor QoS from real packets of the monitor transmission. IP QoS Monitor measures packet delay, jitter, loss, reordering, corruption, CPU usage, RAM usage, and more...

IP QoS Tester is a set of three tools (Sender, Receiver and Reflector) that enable to measure several fundamental statistics about the transmission of packets over IP networks: packet delay, jitter, loss, reordering and corruption.

Audio video tools

YUV Convert is a video conversion and processing software. Since YUV Convert is certainly the tool which proposes the most important number of processing possibilities for uncompressed YUV files, it is a reference tool for this type of files.

Media Capture is a tool to record videos from the desktop or from capture cards/devices, in compressed or uncompressed format.


ACR/MUSHRA Test Interface is a useful tool to perform subjective video and/or audio quality testing.

SVC Test Streams are videos encoded with the Scalable Video Coding profile of H.264, in order to test H.264 STB/decoder interoperability.