PCAP Comparator

Compare PCAP or PCAPNG files.

Find the lost packets. Extract MPEG2-TS packets.


PCAP Comparator is a solution to parse pcap and pcapng files ("packets capture [new generation]", saved by tools like Wireshark, tcpdump or dumpcap), detect their differences and find the lost packets.

PCAP Comparator also enables to extract the MPEG2-TS packets of a pcap or pcapng file and save these packets in a .ts file.

PCAP Comparator is useful for:

  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network equipment benchmarking
  • Network equipment development

Graphical user interface

PCAP Comparator is a Windows solution.

Just load the two files to compare. Each file can be in pcap or pcapng format. You can mix formats too.

Then click on "Compare the captured packets".

Then the software will check all packets of the first pcap/pcapng file and check if it is present in the second pcap/pcapng file.

Lost packets are then displayed and they can be saved in a PCAP file and/or in a CSV format.

And concerning the packets which were found in the two compared files, you can also save them in a PCAP file and/or in a CSV format.

The user can choose the desired search window which will be used to compare the two files.

At last, PCAP Comparator can extract the MPEG2-TS packets and save them in a .ts file.


PCAP Comparator is a powerful and easy-to-use solution to detect lost packets between two pcap or pcapng files.

PCAP Comparator features: