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Decoding is normalized but each decoding equipment is very different than the others. This is true for both consumer Set Top Boxes (STB) and professional integrated receiver decoders (IRD).

Some are basic decoders but most of them include other functions like Media Center or Electronic Program Guide (EPG), with simple or elaborate interfaces, like 3D interfaces.

For all decoders, choosing the best decoding chipset and validating new firmwares are fundamental tasks because the stakes are high: customers acceptability, maintenance importance, market shares.

We have the solutions for you.

First solution: Video Quality Monitor (VQM)

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) measures and monitors audio and video quality from the output of a STB (Set Top Box) or any other HDMI or SDI device, from files, from IP streaming and even from desktop capture (to monitor a video player).

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) can also control a Set Top Box by learning and sending infra red codes and executing test scripts.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) can also measure and monitor audio loudness according to recommendations ITU BS.1770-2 and EBU R 128. This enables to check if audio levels meet industry requirements.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) is provided with VQM Centralization Server (VQM CS) which enables to collect in real time the measures computed by one or several instances of VQM. Then VQM CS generates reports which compare the measures from different VQM instances (to compare Set Top Boxes for example). VQM CS can also display mosaics and real time maps of the VQM instances..

Second solution: Video Quality Analyzer (VQA)

Video Quality Analyzer (VQA) measures video quality of video files and compare them to reference videos to make sure they look as expected. So, VQA can test if decoding is correctly performed.

Third solution: Audio Video Sync & Quality Monitor (AVSQM)

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors both QoE and QoS.

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors the synchronization between audio and video at one or several locations. Thanks to our proprietary technologies for audio and video fingerprinting, AVSQM is very precise and non-intrusive. During monitoring, all measured data are saved and can be retrived as curves and statistics between two user-defined dates.

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) also measures and monitors video quality and audio quality..

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors the Quality of Service (QoS) concerning transmissions (packets loss, packets delay, jitter, etc.) and concerning machine health (CPU usage, RAM usage, etc.).

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