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As a content provider, you must control the video quality of the contents you purchase from external sources. You must also control the quality of the contents you provide and check that you respect limits concerning audio loudness.

Face to the increasing number of ways to receive television, you must ensure that audio video quality and audio video synchronization are good on all platforms.

We have several solutions to help you.

First solution: Video Quality Monitor (VQM)

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) can measure perceived video quality and perceived audio quality by taking into account both encoding artifacts and distortions due to transmission errors. Perceived video quality can be measured from files. It can also be measured and monitored from live sources like HDMI, SDI, IP streaming, desktop capture.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) can also measure and monitor audio loudness according to international recommendations ITU BS.1770-2 and EBU R 128. This feature enables you to provide broadcasters and network operators with audio tracks which satisfy industry requirements.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) also enables to measure camera noise. It is a unique tool to check the quality of video contents you purchase. You can also ask your suppliers to check the quality of their productions with VQM before sending them to you.

Second solution: Video Quality Analyzer (VQA)

Video Quality Analyzer (VQA) enables to measure perceived video quality. VQA produces very precise analysis reports on perceived video quality which will help you to benchmark video encoders and to optimize their parameters (like bitrate).

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