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Encoding is an art of optimization. Reducing the necessary bandwidth while preserving the visual quality of video contents requires many efforts.

At all stages of encoding optimization (research and development, test and validation, benchmarking and comparison before purchase), measuring perceived video quality of encoded videos is a fundamental task to make progress.

We have the solutions to help you.

First solution: Video Quality Analyzer (VQA)

Video Quality Analyzer (VQA) measures perceived video quality. Its video quality analysis reports are very precise and enable to benchmark and compare video encoders (to choose to best one before purchase) and to optimize video encoding parameters, like bitrate, in order to reach a given video quality level (for the video encoders you have already bought).

Video Quality Analyzer (VQA) can also measure and monitor a file-based encoding process (like encoding for VOD for example).

Second solution: Video Quality Monitor (VQM)

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) monitors audio video quality from live sources, like the output of an encoder.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) measures audio video quality from files too.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) also includes ultra-fast (about 1000 frames per second) "decodability metrics" which count the number of decoded video frames and decoded audio samples number to check that encoded files can be correctly decoded.

Third solution: MPEG Monitor

MPEG Monitor measures and monitors the perceived video quality of several TV channels in real time from streams over IP. It is a convenient solution for broadcast monitoring. When a problem happens, an audio video sample is saved which can be played through the web interface. Alerts can also be sent by email and by SNMP.

MPEG Monitor can also be used to test and validate video encoders with live input (instead of always using the same test videos). To do so, MPEG Monitor continuously verifies if the received encoded bitstreams can be correctly decoded or not. When a problem happens, the saved audio video sample is not re-encoded and therefore can be analyzed to debug a video encoder.

Fourth solution: : Audio Video Sync & Quality Monitor (AVSQM)

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors both QoE and QoS.

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors the synchronization between audio and video at one or several locations. Thanks to our proprietary technologies for audio and video fingerprinting, AVSQM is very precise and non-intrusive. During monitoring, all measured data are saved and can be retrived as curves and statistics between two user-defined dates.

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) also measures and monitors video quality and audio quality..

Audio Video Sync Monitor (AVSQM) measures and monitors the Quality of Service (QoS) concerning transmissions (packets loss, packets delay, jitter, etc.) and concerning machine health (CPU usage, RAM usage, etc.).

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